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Our various products have various advanced and superior features that not only add value to the products but to the user's experience as well, including:

  • Nano Ceramic Technology;
  • Photochromic Technology;
  • Dyed Coatings;
  • Metalised Coatings; and
  • Sputter Deposition @ Sputtering.

From the CEO's Desk

Three-Point Key to Success:

  • Why are we changing?
  • How will we get there?
  • How does this relate to me?

Behavioral research shows that emphasizing the positive is especially important. Emphasizing what works well and discussing how to get more out of those strengths taps into creativity, passion, and the desire to succeed.

We need excellent individual players - but you also need players who are dedicated to playing as a team; hence, sharing a meaningful story and modelling the right role will certainly increase the odds of getting the team on board. However, it also vital to invest time into building that team.

We have to share almost everything to make it clear for everyone about who is doing what, as well as to keep the transformation initiatives, budgets, and financial targets knitted together and the importance of spending time together wisely.

As a leader, I need to understand how to enrol the leadership team by using a Rule of Thumb: 80 percent of the team's time should be devoted to dialogue, with the remaining 20 percent invested in being presented to. I have to plan an effective dialogue which requires a well-structured agenda, which typically ensures that ample time is spent in personal reflection (to ensure that each person forms an independent point of view from the outset), discussion in pairs or small groups (refining the thinking and exploring second- and third-level assumptions), and discussion by the full team before final decisions are made.

Organizational energy - collective motivation, enthusiasm, and intense commitment - is a crucial ingredient of a successful transformation.