Management Team

Led by our CEO Ooi Kim Hock, our team of highly motivated and trained professionals ensure that our operations are run with tiptop efficiency and that all of our customers’ needs – be they retail or commercial partnerships – will only be met with excellence, timeliness, and practicality.

Corporate Structure

Certifications & Awards

We have regularly been recognised by various bodies for the quality of our work and products, where we maintain the highest standards in order to continually be recognised. This not only refers to the company itself, but to our CEO Ooi Kim Hock, who also has gained various certifications / recognition since the time PowerCool has been in the industry.


Our Warranty Policy covers a FIVE (5) year period against peeling, cracking, delamination, fading, loosening, and de-metalising after installation. It means that our customers can rest assured that no matter what situation they find themselves in, PowerCool will be able to aid and service them to get things back on track.