About Us

Power Cool Tinted Film & Supply Sdn Bhd (PowerCool) is a leading Malaysian supplier of quality solar-controlled Window Tinted Film since 2002. We have been supplying the market with state-of-the-art tint products and services ranging from automotive, residential, and commercial purpose.

Our vast experience and intense desire to deliver quality to you is reflected in our constant innovation for cutting edge products and services. We are committed to your business that only the best is delivered for your receiving customers to leave your premise(s) satisfied.


To be the leading specialty window films operator in Malaysia


  1. To enhance our position in the specialty window films industry
  2. To provide cost-effective products and efficient and personalised services
  3. To engage in maintaining and improving on the quality of our products and services
  4. To actively engage in innovation to improve our competitive edge as well as to meet and exceed our customers' expectations
  5. To share our vast experience and knowledge of the industry with all our customers

Core Values


We serve from the heart in order to build strong relationships with our clients. Even then, our good relations do not end after the work is over; it will be a continuous and long-lasting friendship rooted in good faith and trust: truly heart-to-heart.


We strive to ensure that our clients can trust us to stay steady and steadfast in our partnership and deliverables. They know that they can depend on us to address the gaps and lags in their business.


We are driven to practice and adhere to quality standards and applications, so that our clients know that we have their best interests at heart.


We allow strong moral principles and honesty to guide our every action and decision to ensure that our customers can take our word and promises on all matters without a shadow of doubt.


We nurture a positive experience for our clients through means of supportive communication, making their dealings with us enjoyable, stress-free, and encouraging.


We have trained our staff to become empowered specialists who are highly competent and personable, in order to give our clients peace of mind and giving them an easy time whenever they interact with us.